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Dr. Snelling Has His God Goggles On 
By Gene Johns  
April 11, 2022  

A few days ago, I had a debate with a Christian friend about the age of the Earth. I asked him if he believed the Earth was only 6,000 to 10,000 years old and he said yes. When I asked him to provide proof of that he responded by providing me with a link to a video about the young Earth. The “star” of that video was Dr. Andrew Snelling, a young Earth creationist and geologist. In that video, Dr. Snelling explains why he believes the Earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old.

Well, I could not let that misinformation go unanswered. My response follows:  
In 2005, country singer Neal McCoy had a hit with "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On." The song was about a guy named Billy who had just broken up with his girlfriend. He went out to a bar and had a few beers trying to forget about his lost love. After having a few beers, Billy was dancing and having a good time because life looked good, Billy had his beer goggles on. 

Goggles are close-fitting eyeglasses with side shields for protecting the eyes from glare, dust, water, etc. In Billy's case, the beer goggles (metaphorically) shield him (at least temporarily) from the heartache of losing his girlfriend. Now that it has been established what beer goggles are, it is time to define God Goggles. 

God goggles (metaphorically) shield scientific fact and reason from Christians who ignore scientific fact and reason when it contradicts what the Bible says.  God goggles are just a fun way to describe confirmation bias that applies to young Earth creationists. 

Confirmation bias is when greater weight is given to evidence that confirms their view and not accepting evidence and/or fact that contradicts their belief. It leads to selective observation.  Dr. Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. (geology), is a geologist and a young Earth creationist. He believes the Earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old. He obviously wears God goggles.  

His confirmation bias comes from his indoctrination into the Christian religion. He was born into a devout Christian family and proudly proclaims he attended a strong Bible-believing church. At age 5 he was told to sit still in church and listen to the preacher because the preacher was a devoted follower of God's word and scripture.  

Dr. Snelling speaks about how he was mentored on the Bible by adults in his Church from an early age. At only age 4 he said he came to the Lord and at age 7 he said God spoke to him. As a teenager, Dr. Snelling said he recognized a conflict between what science said and what the Bible said about how the Earth was created.  

His mother saw that he was conflicted and took him to a Christian bookstore and explained her son's problem to the bookstore owner. He was then given a book about Noah's flood and after reading that book Dr. Snelling said it cleared things up for him and he knew then God's word about creation was correct, and the "ways of the world" were misleading.  

Young Earth creation is true for Dr. Snelling, and he gives the following reasons: he was steeped in the scriptures right from the begging of his life; at age 4 he came to the Lord; his Church nurtured him in the ways of the Lord; he has a strong belief in the Gospel; he believes Genesis is true. Those are his reasons why he is a creationist.  

Clearly, Dr. Snelling has a conformational bias toward any evidence about the age of the Earth if it does not conform to Biblical proclamations about Earth's creation. He has said God was an eyewitness to the creation of Earth and Genesis is God's written account of how Earth was created.  

Dr. Snelling says he is a creationist because Jesus was a creationist and he needed to defend the word of God. He says he is a minister in creation science, and it is not about him. It is about God and promoting Genesis as the history of Earth. He has an agenda, ignoring scientific facts to proclaim what he believes is true.  

Convinced God's word is correct, and science is wrong about the age of the Earth, Dr. Snelling acknowledges he studies Christian books about creationism and young Earth. If anyone has a pair of God goggles on, it is Dr. Andrew Snelling!  

On August 16, 2012, Dr. Snelling was inducted into the Creation Science (creation science is an oxymoron) Hall of Fame and has received awards from the International Conference on Creationism. I was unable to find any awards for Dr. Snelling from any real science organizations.  

Currently, Dr. Snelling serves as 'Answers in Genesis’ Director of Research and is the Editor-in-Chief of the online Answers Research Journal. The 'Answers in Genesis' organization promotes young Earth creationism. I have established that Dr. Snelling is totally immersed in the Christian myth of Earth creationism and wears God goggles religiously! Without question, Dr. Snelling has conformational bias.  

Scientific theory debunks young Earth creationism. What is scientific theory? Most people associate theory with a hypothesis or an educated guess. However, scientific theory is not a guess. Scientific theory is an explanation based on extensive and repeated experimentation, draws a conclusion of facts found, and peer-reviewed for accuracy.  

Scientific theory has determined the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. That age was determined by the most accurate method for estimating the age of Earth--radiometric dating. Radiometric dating (as defined by relies on the predictable decay of radioactive isotopes of carbon, uranium, potassium, and other elements. It is accurate to within 250,000 years. 

I recently watched a documentary about the age of the Grand Canyon. Just one fact is undeniable and immediately debunks young Earth creationism. According to acknowledged scientifically correct methods of dating the Grandy Canyon, it was created by the Colorado River approximately 5.5 million years ago. It was also determined the area where the Grand Canyon was created by the Colorado River was last covered by an ocean 80 million years ago. 

The scientific community accepts the findings that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Young Earth creationist, such as Dr. Snelling, refute the findings because it does not conform to the Biblical account of God's creation.  

Before anyone can even consider Genesis as an account of how the Earth was created, the existence of God must be proven. It has never been proven a God (any God) exists, including the Christian God. The Bible has not been proven to be the word of a God because God has not been proven to exist. Therefore, the Bible, specifically Genesis, cannot be used as a source for determining the age of Earth. 


There are so many false narratives in Genesis on how Earth was created. A false narrative is a story that you perceive as being true but has little basis in reality. Genesis is a false narrative on when and how the Earth was created unless, of course, you read Genesis with God goggles on. 


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